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This thing is like a time capsule. [Jan. 31st, 2011|05:27 am]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |BD]

Oh man this old ass thing I never update IT HAS BEEN TWO YEARS.

So update. I'm about to graduate. In my last semester right now. That relationship I probably wrote about during it's beginning ended nearly a year ago. I am quite happy with my life BD. I'm drawing chilluns buuk illustrations for money now. So basically I'm doing illustration for a living. I have my gripes with the publishing company that hires me, but then I'm like WHAT IF I WORKED AT KROGER AGAIN.

also my attitude towards
SPIDERS <3 <3 <3
has completely flip flopped. I don't really get that freaked out anymore. In fact I think they're kinda cute. That freaked out feeling has turned into a little wierd OH sort of tinglyness and then I'm like "oh they're like tiny little eight legged cats, with eight eyes, and not as cute, but still cute in a sort of spider way" In fact a few weeks ago a spider started crawling up the wall behind my mattress. And instead of not being able to sleep there like I would have in the past, I put the spider in a cup and moved it to the closet where it won't be disturbed. It's winter, so I couldn't put the spider outside. UH SO ENOUGH ABOUT SPIDERS NOW.

I'm totally into fist of the north star right now. And I'm working on some short comics for www.spera-comic.com. I fucking love inking with brushes.

I do some martial arts again now. A few years ago I did anyway, but it's different now. Yeah. Different.

I'm hella tired, it's almost 5:30 am, I've been up the entire time, and going to bed RIGHT NAO SO NO MO INFO FO YO BD