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I just et the most delish oatmeal goo I have ever et Last Thursday… - come round here chilluns [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 25th, 2007|08:22 am]
I just et the most delish oatmeal goo I have ever et

Last Thursday Craig came to school with me since he didn't have classes. We were tired as hell and said a lot of delirious things that I don't remember. I do remember a few though, like this:

Craig: look at all those people, watching us, they look mad (while we're holding hands on the sidewalk)
me: maybe they're just jealous
Craig: they're thinking "look at those gay people, god they're so gay...I hate them"
me: lol this is gay?
Craig: they're gonna say stuff like "why don't you go have heterosexual sex, FAGS!"
me: ltfo
so magical *w*

On Saturday I was over at my grandparents' house alone doing homework for painting (the only lesson I"ve learned so far is that oil paint is gross as hell, basically the only effects are smudging edges or smearing or OH look I can make little scratchy marks with my pallet knife coooooooool wait I mean gay) and ate a huge juicy piece of fruit and got juice all over the table. I couldn't find a sponge to clean it with, so I grabbed a towel next to the sink and just as I started running water under it, a ton of spiders started running out. First there were just some tiny ones, and I tried rinsing them off with water, then a huge one with long legs came running out really fast and I fucking freaked out for about 3 minutes, and for the rest of the day I was afraid to go near the sink. I went outside on the front porch, and things were just scaring me more, and I was nervous as hell. A bee flew past me and I freaked out again.

spiders :((((((

Oh yeah I think my drawing teacher is really awesome, basically cause we get to come up with our own ideas, while she keeps things challenging and it's the best. She showed us slides of some of her art, which is woah.