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life update [Aug. 12th, 2007|06:16 pm]

maaaaaan oh man it's been a while

Today was my last day working at Petco, probably one of the best days out of my whole 3 1/2 months of working there. The whole 6 hours went by incredibly fast. I'm getting a new job at Wild Oats, in the grocery department. Basically I'll be facing the store and helping customers find stuff. It's kinda boring, but it's easy, and I'll be working between 15-20 hours a week, so it works out great with my school schedule. The only down side is that I'll be working every Saturday and Sunday evening, which will be the only days I can actually see Craig as soon as School starts next week. By the way I'm totally ready for art classes to start up again, excited the hell out actually!

Craig has been in Montreal Canada for speed skating camps since last Sunday, and doesn't get back until either Thursday or Friday. He says he's "yet again ended up being the oldest, about 9 or 10 years older than the other people there, who are usually 13-9 year old kids. I've been missing him something terrible :< that and I'm really hoping to see him before school starts, since then on it'll be unclear what with my new job and his speedskating season taking up saturdays. I considered forgetting about the job, but then again I've been wanting to work there for a while. Craig said he just wants me to go with the job and see how things go, but now says he'd feel bad if I did happen to quit just to see him. It's seriously important to me though, no matter how gay or whiney of me it may sound. I do need the money though, and I know eventually we'll get more time. ahghgh waiting waiting (it's totally worth it though)

Chelsea's been back from Korea for a week now, and yesterday we went to the State Fair with her parents. We spent the whole day there, and it was fucking hot and exhausting (we wanted to go home but her parents wanted to stay as long as possible) but we did go to the art galleries and saw some cool stuff. I reaaaally wanna get out some watercolors and paint now, and I've got a couple days off, so I just need to get up and do it rather than just tell myself I'll get around to it like usual.

Oh yeah, two weeks ago Craig and I were going to go to Indiana Dunes, but the day we planned to go had some shitty weather, so we ended up going to his house (real home, not temporary campus housing) in Illinois. His mom is pretty hilarious in some ways. She's got an insect collection (with some spiders :<) and most of the bugs she has are HUGE. We went to the zoo on Saturday, and on the way back on Sunday we went to a Kwik E Mart hoping to get Tim some Krusty-O's, but they didn't have any of those like they said they would, which was gay and a disappointment

I guess that's all I can think of for now, it's odd getting to do what I want more, since I was getting used to having most of my time sold away to Petco.