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update on life (hella long post) [Jul. 9th, 2007|10:35 am]
oh hi internet it's been a while

so anyway working at Petco has been driving me insane, and I guess I didn't realize how much I hated it until--what the fuck petco I mean what the hell JESUS FUCKING CHRIIIIIIST--just thinking about going to work there fills me with rage. so much that I know i'm quitting soon. I had a job interview at Wild Oats yesterday which went pretty well.  I just need to work somewhere closer to home, that isn't gonna give me fucking retarded hours which mean there's no actual time to spend with my boyfriend, and I know, boo hoo but seriously I'm gonna be gone next week, and the most I'm gonna get to see of Craig is after I get off of work at 9 on friday. It's not that I don't want to work the amount of hours they gave me, i just would have prefered something in the morning so I could actually maybe go visit Craig after his classes.

by the way, life with boyfriend is awesome to the awesomest awesome. I've had moments that I thought were the best ever, and they don't compare to even just sitting around doing nothing with Craig (which of course turns into doing something hrm hrm)

But yes sensing my rage towards Petco (I don't even know why I'm so angry, but I guess the deal is that I AM and I need to get the hell away from this job), Craig thinks of things I could do to petco, like just bring in a bunch of dogs, let them shit everywhere, and leave without cleaning it up. and then setting it on fire. Stupid I know, we know we're just blowing steam and won't actually do something like that, even though I think about doing bad bad things to petco, and know I don't have the guts to actually ever do those things ever in my life.

I think I need to stop thinking about how angry I am about petco right now, or I'll just get more and more angry. Anyway, every time I think about just skipping work and getting fired, it's really really tempting. Seriously, I wouldn't feel guilty about getting fired, but then I know that I need to get other jobs, and I don't want that kind of shit on my record or whatever (even though I know dog grooming and grocery store jobs have nothing to do with my dreams of comics and illustration)

Ok so on the other side of everything, I guess on the subject of feelings for Craig again, BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE EVER. We've agreed that we'll never be satisfied with any amount of time spent together, or what I mean is that we never want to end visits, because whenever I visit him in Lafayette I end up leaving late every time, even when I tell myself I will leave on time, I get home at an hour that gets me yelled at by my parents. Though my parents like Craig enough that they don't even yell at me as much as I suspect, which is surprising. on Friday night when i came home, my dad came bumbling towards me "BLARG YARG MARGMARGBURBRUR" (funny because that's usually my impression of my dad yelling at me or lecturing me). So basically, life is good, I'm just frustrated about this weeks work hour faggotry.

Man so I just realized that I've been listening to Feist musics for so long that it's looped through maybe 3 times. which means it doubles as good listening and good background noise, cause I've been drawing cute monster fish the entire time.

I guess in other news in my lonely boredom yesterday I got 14 gauge stud/plugs (don't know whether to call them plugs cause they're more like little rods) for my ears, thinking of stretching a little. I don't think I'll go crazy with the stretching, like to 00 which is basically the point of no return. But maybe a little close to that, or maybe just something sissy like 9 or 8 gauge.

yep so that's my life